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Are You Guilty of Contaminating Your Skin Products

Do you know that sticking your fingers into your product jar could contaminate it? ⁣

Our fingers carry germs and they can multiply and cause contamination, only to be transferred back to your skin in the future and cause skin woes for you. ⁣

SOLUTION: Try to use a spatula to dish out your product(s), just make sure you wash the spatula after use and rinse it before use. ⁣
In place of a spatula, you can use a plastic knife or those mini ice cream spoons.⁣

A soiled cotton pad used to get products from a bottle can also contaminate the interior of the bottle especially if you’re shaking it a lot. ⁣

Remember that the back and forth movement allows the contaminated product back through the lip of the bottle into the rest of the contents.⁣

SOLUTION: From the onset, make sure you get enough product on your cotton pad or cotton wool to avoid double dipping. You wouldn’t double dip at parties so why do it to your products?⁣

It’s easy to get your skincare products contaminated, especially when you are in a hurry or distracted. ⁣

Remember to tightly close all jars, bottles and containers after use. Make these intentional changes to how you handle your products and their contents so as to have healthy Age-Less Skin. ⁣

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