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Do you get a burning sensation, uncomfortable stinging, redness  and or irritation when you use a facial scrub? Well this is a sign that you’re over exfoliating your face.

Before I received this rhema years ago, I was using the wrong facial scrub for my skin and my face would always turn red literally. It was so embarrassing that my husband would ask me why my face looked sore long after I scrubbed. Imagine.

In as much as i preach exfoliation as an important skincare Step, an overdose would cause you more harm than good. Over exfoliating will result in oily skin producing more oil, therefore  causing an increase in breakout. It can also result in hyperpigmentation and discoloration.

No skincare product is meant to sting, irritate or cause you discomfort, so to remedy this you will decrease the frequency of scrubbing (ideally it should be once or twice a week although there are exceptions) and or reduce the strength of the exfoliant. If the discomfort isn’t gone,  kindly stop the use of the scrub(or whatever product) immediately.

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