Skin Fairy


As I age I realize that there are certain things that are no longer important to me.  That said, one thing that has moved up on my list is a regular massage appointment at the spa.

I’ve been keeping fairly regular appointments for the past eight years. Initially my massages were focused on relieving the stress of a very demanding job and lifestyle.  That stress resulted in painful shoulders and a stiff neck.

Four years ago the massage helped me deal not only with my physical  stress but also the emotional toll of watching my twin sister succumb to breast cancer.

Finally in the last two years, my massages have helped me  adapt to the physical changes and mood swings of going through menopause.

The massage benefits do continue past the time I get off the massage table. I have increased alertness, the ability to concentrate better as well as less anxiety.

Be smart. Be like me.  Schedule a massage appointment!

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