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Olive Oil as a make-up remover?

It seems counter-intuitive to use olive oil as a makeup remover. Wouldn’t it make our skin all the more oily? I couldn’t even bring myself to believe it. However, the many raves I heard about of olive oil as a makeup remover is so enticing that I finally give in. And I never regret it ever since. It’s way better than the Muji cleansing oil I currently use.

The only disadvantage is that olive oil can’t remove my waterproof mascara. But for the face, olive oil is perfectly fine.How to Use Olive Oil As a Makeup Remover

Tilt the bottle to get a sufficient amount of oil on to your palm and use your fingers to spread the oil on your face. Do some massage. For eye areas, use cotton pads.

After that, splash (an important step) your face with water. I know it’s counter-intuitive, but bear with me for a moment. Water can slightly remove the excessive oil on your face, making the ensuing cleaning step work even better.

I skipped the water procedure once, but I had to use a double amount of cleanser afterward. That’s why I highly recommend you use water to wash your face when using olive oil as a makeup remover.Finally, clean your face with a mild cleanser.

My Experiment
I experiment with olive oil as a makeup remover for several weeks, and the result is simply amazing. In my cleansing oil days, I often had the urge to exfoliate my face weekly to remove the dirt and impurities on my face (despite the fact that I cleaned my face every day religiously).

Now, with olive oil, I feel comfortable skipping my exfoliating routine (but won’t because exfoliation is an important step in my skin care routine).Other than cleaning my makeup, using olive oil has the added benefit of moisturizing my skin. And remember, it’s natural and doesn’t clog my pores in any way. The only disadvantage, as I said, is it can’t remove my waterproof mascara. I still need to use my eye makeup remover. But, all in all, it’s been an amazing experience.

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