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Hair Bonnet

Hair Bonnets • Style A: with elastic • Style B: with a velvet tie rope Trendy and stylish African print hair bonnet keeps you looking stylish and ensures your hair looks great in the morning!


Shawl/Scarf/Muffler Wrap yourself in the softness of this long lush scarf. Feel protected and ever-blooming in this cotton scarf. A must-have for any Cotton lover.

Top Knot Turban

Our top-knotted pre-tied adult turban can also be used as a head wrap, hat, chemo wrap, alopecia cap, or slip-on wrap.

Wool Hand Crafted Bling Berets

This vibrant and festive piece is a quality wool beret, hand embellished with 4 prong bejewels. Each ornament has been carefully sewn in place to give this dazzling look.