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Aging skin normally begins in your mid-20s. Your skin changes with age. It no longer looks smooth and fresh as it was before. It loses fats and you can easily see your vein and bones.

It takes longer time for scratches or cuts to heal when your skin starts to age. Factors like your lifestyle, diet, heredity and other personal habits influence how your skin ages.

To fight the aging skin, there are things you can do but you have to start by taking good care of yourself.

Below are nine (9) causes of anti-aging skin and how you can win over them:

1. Smoking: – Smokers tends to have more wrinkles than non smokers. Cigarette smoke damages and aging to skin. Quit smoking and avoid staying close to a smoker. 

2. Sun: – Too much exposure to the sun’s rays can lead to premature wrinkles as well as uneven skin tone. As Africans, we have a natural protection by way of high melanin in our skin but there is only so much our body can do against prolonged exposure. Use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays. When choosing sunscreen, use sunscreen with at least 15% SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

3. Lack of Exercise: – Exercise is one of the components of good health and an important part of anti-aging skin care program especially when you begin to age. It helps to tune your muscles and helps your blood to flow properly.

4. Cold Weather: – One of the contribution to aging skin is cold winds and low temperatures which makes skin dry. Be sure to always use a good moisturizer when you are in a cold environment.

5. Alcohol: – The consumption of alcohol contributes to skin by permanently damaging the blood vessels, increasing the likelihood of liver damage and making you look jaundiced. 

6. Water:- Dehydration causes the skin to dry out and wrinkle. The more water you drink, the more your skin looks good and fresh. Always stay hydrated.

7. Good Diet: – The food you eat also gives nutrient to your body. The more balanced diet you consume, the better for you and your skin.

8. Stress/Facial Expression: – Always take note of your stress level and don’t frown too much to help the reduction of aging skin due to stress.

9. Sleep: – The No. 1 reason why you feel tired or have those eye bags and sagging skin is due to lack of sleep. Don’t cheat nature. Rest is very good for the body. Silk sheets also help keep wrinkles at bay.

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