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HUAN Knuckle Eraser

Pronounced – ‘who – wan’ HUAN means "clean" in the Edo language of SouthWest Nigeria. HUAN erases the dark, dead skin on your knuckles, elbow and knees, giving it a uniformed tone with the rest of your body. HUAN can also be used on dark spots.  (25g)

JIDE Face Scrub

Pronounced – ‘g – day’ JIDE means to "awaken" in the Yoruba language of Western Nigeria. JIDE exfoliates dead, old skin cells and reveals fresh new skin. It gives an instant GLOW when used by those who do not exfoliate often. JIDE prevents whiteheads and blackheads, leaves your skin sofr, smooth, moisturized and nourished after each use. This is a 'must-have' for your weekly skin routine. The JIDE scrub awakens the beauty in tour skin that you did not know existed. (80g)

JIDE Face Scrub(For Acne & Anti-Aging skin)

Pronounced – ‘g – day’ JIDE means to “awaken” in the Yoruba language of western Nigeria. JIDE scrub awakens the beauty in your skin that you did not know existed. JIDE acne and anti-aging scrub exfoliates dead, old skin cells and reveals fresh new cells while preventing clogged pores and blemishes from forming. Prevents whiteheads and blackheads. It also draws out impurities from the skin while moisturizing and hydrating the skin. It always gives your skin a soft and smooth finish. (160g)

KHIA KHIA Pimple & Spot Cream

Pronounced –‘ key-ah-key-ah’. KHIA KHIA means "clean" in the Esan language of SouthWest Nigeria. KHIA KHIA reduces the discomfort from pimples and helps to reduce pimple breakout. KHIA KHIA clears dark spots from pimple and acne breakout. (25g)

KIYO Lip Scrub

Pronounced - ‘key - yo’. KIYO means "beautiful " in the Hausa language of Western Nigeria. KIYO exfoliates your lips to keep them soft, smooth, moist, and healthy. Use For rough, dry, cracked, peeling lips.  Exfoliating your lips would make your lipstick look better and stay on longer. Use once or twice a week at night. Use the LAUSHI lipbalm immediately after. (60g)


Pronounced – ‘low – she’ LAUSHI means "soft" in the Hausa language of Northern Nigeria. LAUSHI softens your lips, keeping them moisturized and supple.  It heals brittle lips, seals in moisture and relieves chapped or dry lips. LAUSHI keeps your lips soft, supple, plump and healthy. It can be used alone or under your lipstick/gloss.  Great for the entire family. Get SKINtastic results when used with the KIYO lip scrub. (4.25g)

Love Your Lips duo

Our 'LOVE YOUR LIPS' set is specially packaged for those who have dry scaly rough lips OR  Those who desire to keep their 'smile game' up. You get better results when you buy this as a set instead of individually. The entire family can use this.

MMA Shea Body Lotion (Face & Body)

Pronounced - ‘um – ma’. MMA means “beautiful” in the Igbo language of Eastern Nigeria. MMA can be used on your whole body and it results in a beautiful natural skintone. This lotion is non-greasy and absorbs quickly into your skin for 24 hour moisture and to revitalize tired skin. MMA leaves your skin with a silky, soft feeling. Mma is our luxurious non-greasy daily body moisturizer. It is light enough to be used on your face. Mma makes your skin smoother, softer and more supple. Mma is the perfect choice for people who do not like using lotions or creams because of the heat. Mma restores moisture into dry, cracked skin. Size 180ml

MURUMURU Body Spa Salt

Pronounced – ‘mooh – ru –mooh- ru’. MURUMURU means "smooth" in the Igbo language of Eastern Nigeria. MURUMURU removes dry, dead skin cells from your body, leaving your skin soft, supple and ready to absorb wherever skincare products you apply on your skin. MURUMURU is an aromatherapy salt scrub that awakens your senses. The abrasive action invigorates the skin and helps to improve circulation. Improved circulation gives your skin a natural GLOW. DO NOT USE ON YOUR FACE (320g)

NCHAPU Brightening Wash

Pronounced – ‘un-cha-pu’ NCHAPU means "brighten" in the Igbo language of Western Nigeria. NCHAPU brightens your skin without the use of creams and it is very effective for the inner thighs dark areas. NCHAPU can also be used on your body, neck down to enhance the effectiveness of your lightening cream. (180ml)

NIME Blemish & Spot Soap

Pronounced – ‘knee – meh’. NIME means "clean" in the Egun language of Western Nigeria. NIME is an effective soap to clear blemishes, breakout, and reduce oil. NIME reduces acne-causing bacteria and clears blemishes and uneven skin. The result of using NIME is clean and clear skin. (95g)

NRUO Body Scrub

Pronounced - ‘un – row’. NRUO means "soft" in the Igbo language of Eastern Nigeria. NRUO removes dead dry skin, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and supple. NRUO exfoliates the dead dry skin cells on your body, unclogs pores and allows your moisturizer better absorption into your skin, allowing your skincare products to penetrate deeper. NRUO increases cell turnover, boost circulation and stimulates collagen production. It makes your skin healthier and brighter because of the natural herbs used. Great to use in between spa visits. (300g)