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Taking Your Man To The Spa

Women are the majority spa-goers in the world – we must not over-look this.   Women are also at the helm of the spa industry, so the big question is:  how can we meet the growing needs of male spa-goers?  We need to better understand men, in order to target this key market and cater to their needs, requirements and demands.

Men’s skin care is growing twice as fast as women’s – which makes men the number 1 target in the beauty market!

Today, men are viewing spas as potentially life-saving (rejuvenating, relaxing and re-energizing), improving their quality of life and stress management, detoxifying, encouraging mind and body balance as well as very healing and improving recovery time, pampering and nurturing, encourage physiological conditioning and promoting private time. 

Men are incorporating spas and treatments into part of their lifestyle. 

Skin is Skin Right?  Wrong!  Men and women are different and so are our skin requirements!  By offering male clients female treatments, you will miss out on attracting the majority of men. 

It is so important to incorporate treatments and products that will make men believe you are offering them an exclusive Male Spa Experience. 


  • We eliminate the word “beauty” when it comes to men… and use terms such as SKIN FITNESS.·   
  • We offer signature treatments and retail; using products specifically made for men.· 
  • We ensure that you have a specific male menu, which is be simple and understandable – remember men are very loyal.    

We Offer male specific skin condition solutions and focus on results. And to make it all better we offer this service at a 25% discount rate off normal price  in the month of July. 

So Ladies, why don’t you bring your men along with you to the SPA; it’s a great opportunity to bond too!!!

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