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Natural Sleep is BAE for Ageless Skin

Are you an insomniac?  Well I have news for you. The pharmaceutical industry all over the world is making billions by catering to fellow insomniacs like you.

Sleeping pills are actually designed to make us sleep but they are a poor substitute for the natural sleep cycles that the brain needs in order to function well. 

Sedation is not real sleep, all these pills really do is sedate us, you need to address the underlying cause of what is keeping you awake.

Some basic natural ways to make you sleep are:

• Take a shower before going to sleep.

• A cup of warm milk or chocolate drink can make you sleep.

• Chamomile has been used as a sleep aid for thousands of years so I recommend drinking chamomile tea.

• Soft, relaxing music or listening to nature in music form  for thirty to sixty minutes before your bed time.

• Lavender oil is calming, take a hot bath with lavender oil before bed time to relax your body and mind

•  Turn off all the electronics around you about an hour before you want to sleep.

• Get a body massage often, better still just sign up for a spa membership(DM me to find out how).

• Exercise improves sleep and overall health, so incorporate it into your daily routine.

• Keep your slumber surroundings tranquil. Your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary. Piles of clothes everywhere, clutter etc staring at you at night may hamper and prevent you sleeping well.

• Make your room dark or wear eye covers to block light from the street or LED displays.

Have you tired any of the above remedies? Do you have any of your own natural sleep remedies to share? Kindly educate us in the comment below

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