A typical African woman cares for everyone except herself and as she ages, there is usually no sign of the youthful GLOW she once had.

When I started Peaches n Cream Spa in 2005, I had 3 children, looked amazing for my age but noticed that my clients looked much older than their ages. This was a major concern for me, especially when they found out my age and I could see their frustrations (about their skin).

There were few healthy skin product options for the African skin, so I put my esthetician knowledge to the test, began making skin products, used myself as a muse which created a demand for the products and now at over 50 years, people don’t believe my age.

In 2019 we repackaged the Peaches n Cream product range and birthed ìBíLẹ̀ Age-Less Skin Essentials, potent products made from indigenous ‘nature-derived’ ingredients in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

ìBíLẹ̀ SkinCare was born in response to the need to provide women with solutions for youthful skin and to slow down the aging process helping to prevent pre- mature aging so they can age less as they grow older. It is easier and cheaper to prevent those aging signs on your skin than to reverse