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Can Skin Issues Cost YOU The Job?

Have you ever wondered why you don’t scale through job interviews especially when you know without a doubt that you are qualified?

Well, have you ever thought that your skin might be what is causing you not to get a job? Acne, pimples, uneven skin tone, facial blemishes and scars are some of the skin problems that may draw the interviewer’s attention away from the conversation, making it more difficult for you to land that job.

This is because interviewers can be distracted by your face and recall less information about the job candidate. A research was done by investigators at Rice University and the University of Houston, both in the U.S.A. and this was their conclusion.

While ensuring that your general appearance is ‘interview ready’, it’s your face the interviewer will be paying the most attention to, whether they know that consciously or not.

When evaluating applicants in an interview setting, it’s important to remember what they are saying, however if you recall less information about competent candidates because you are distracted by the skin problems on their face, it decreases your overall evaluation of them and can result in them not getting the job they came to be interviewed for.


You are better off making sure that that your skin is flawless and healthy and I don’t mean covering it up with tons of concealer and makeup as this isn’t ideal for an interview setting.

You can’t hide your facial skin, so you have to take care of it. You want to put your best face forward – with clear, glowing, smooth skin which of course will make you feel more confident.

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