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More On Moisturizers

Contrary to what some women may think, every skin type needs moisturizer. Every skin type, whether it be oily, dry or normal, needs some type of moisture to remain healthy.

Hydrating the skin is the single most important part of the makeup process. It helps fight against dry skin and makes an excellent base to ensure that makeup goes on smooth and beautiful. The bottom line is that every skin needs a moisturizer.

So, where do you begin? Since there are so many different kinds of moisturizers, picking one can be quite confusing. Here is the lo-down on the what kinds of moisturizers there is out there.

Creams: This is typically the heaviest and most intensive moisturizer that you can get. It is best for people who have very dry skin or works great as a winter moisturizer as well.

Fluids: Fluids are best for people that have combination to oily skins. It is an ideal summer moisturizer. It’s just light enough that you your skin doesn’t look dry, but you aren’t feeling greasy by noon.

Gels: This is the lightest-weight moisturizer that is available on the market today. They are great for people that have oily skin and absorb quickly. Individuals with dry skin should try not to use gels because they will not be getting the hydration and moisture that their skin needs.

Oils: Even though many people like oils, and they are ideal for all kinds of skin types, I try to stay away from them. I find that they leave my skin feeling greasy and that it makes me break out more often than not. For people that want to risk it, oils come in many different formulas and types. Experiment and find out what works best for you.

Serums: A serum is a moisturizer that is a combination of a cream moisturizer and a fluid moisturizer. They are great for people with oily skin because they are incredibly lightweight and absorb very quickly. An added bonus about serums is that they can work as an anti-aging moisturizer as well.

The most important thing to do is experiment with all of these different kinds of moisturizers and then ask yourself certain key questions. Does this moisturizer make my skin feel too oily or dry?

Does it make my makeup feel smooth or flakey? Does it irritate my skin or cause pimples? Is it easy to use and something that I would be willing to use everyday? If your answers were good to all of these questions, then chances are that you found a good moisturizer.

Once you find a moisturizer that you like, never giving up looking for moisturizers. You never know when something better might come along!

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