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Some people are great pickers. They can’t do without touching their face to pop out those pimples which will eventually leave a scar on their face. When you pop your pimples, it causes bleeding which leads to more pimples to your face and it also causes scars leaving your face in complete mess.

Below are some tips that will guide you on how to avoid popping your pimples:

  • Get busy: – As the saying goes that an idle man is the devils workshop. In other to avoid being tempted, engage in activities that will keep you busy like playing games, reading, watching movies, gisting with friends, cleaning and arranging things that are and not scattered.

Find a pimples treatment: – When choosing treatment, do not forget to consider your skin type. If you are confused about what treatment to use, visit a dermatologist.

Use cover ups: – Make sure you wash your face and pat it dry before applying cover ups. Make up like concealer and natural loose powder are good cover ups for your skin.

Let me give you some hints on how to take care of your pimples: –

  1. Wash your face regularly. Always keep your face clean when you are not wearing makeup.
  2. Drink a lot of water to flush out impurities.
  3. Change your pillow case every night or every 2 night.
  4. Avoid long hair coming down your face.
  5. Stay away from sun.
  6. Avoid oily cosmetics.
  7. Avoid over moisturizing the face.

Most people deal with pimples so don’t feel ashamed about yours. Just be patient and don’t take it too hard on your skin. Resist the temptation of popping those pimples, be cool and expect a positive result about your skin.

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