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11 Must-Know Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

An oily face is a big challenge but if you use the right products and proper skin care, you will overcome the challenges of oily skin. One of the most common factors causing oily face is your genes.

Other factors may be internal or external. The good thing about oily face is that it prevents the skin from premature aging and delays wrinkles. 

Here are 11 tips to follow when treating your oily skin:

1. Wash your face twice daily with warm water. 

2. Do NOT use facial scrub on oily face. It produces more oil.

3. Clean your face morning and night with a gentle PH balanced. You can use the cleanser with a toner free of alcohol or acetone.

4. Use an oil free moisturizer and mineral powder makeup.

5. Always wash your makeup brushes and applicators at least twice a week.

6. Absorb extra oil by applying aloe vera gel or using face wipe with astringents.

7. Avoid close relationship between your hands and face. Hands provides dirt and excess oil.

8 Keep your skin hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

9. Apply scrub or masque to your face. A very light scrub helps to remove excess oil from the face so also is the masque.

10.  Powder your face with loose powder throughout the day.

11. Food is good for the body but always watch your diet and get involved in healthy sport. Vitamin B2 prevents excess oil. Eat food which contains vitamin B2 E.g. Kernas, beans and nut.

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